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Family of high speed hydraulic wire forming machines - Now with more forming and welding options!

Reivax Maquinas, for over 35 years, has been designing and building wire forming machines. Included in their program is a series of hydraulic wire forming machines for high production and fast tooling changeovers.

The series construction is quite robust with reliable production and operator friendly design. Being modular in design, in common with all the machines are the support structure for the appropriate accessories and mechanisms, wire feeding module, wire straightening module and wire forming module. Due to the modular and flexible design of this series, a large number of servo drives, pneumatic mechanisms, etc. can be added to allow manufacturing from simple to complex parts.

Programming is machine operator friendly using a graphical interface. For North American customers, Allen-Bradley is used exclusively. With internet access offsite troubleshooting diagnosis is available. For accurate control of the infeed of the wire. The servo of the feeder module incorporates a safe speed, which only allows moving it to a wire threading slow speed with totally security.

The machine is properly fed as electrical as pneumatic power level, leading to the corresponding pneumatic elements for the actuators as well as the transformers according to the electrical power installed in the factory. Machine access is controlled by electrical safety interlocks and if required, provided with mechanical interlock. Machines are protected with closed doors providing total protection, with security barriers where appropriate.

The machine series can work with wire diameters from 0.060” – 0.640” (1.5 mm to 16 mm).



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