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New generation of wire crimping machines up to 12mm!

A new generation of automatic wire crimping machines has recently been introduced. Shown below is the largest model suitable for wire diameters ranging from 1-12mm and maximum output of 30m/min. A model from 1-6mm wire diameters with a maximum output of 45m/min. is also available.

All settings are entered on a touch screen. The main shaft is driven by two independent upper and lower servomotors. The advantage of this design is to assure maximum precision measurement resulting in the elimination of mechanical clearance. The inverter control and accompanying motorized decoiler are interphased for automatic synchronization of crimping and wire feeding speeds. Unlike the previous generation, now there is the ability to cut anywhere. The benefit of this is the elimination to additionally cut in a secondary operation resulting in minimizing material loss - extremely advantageous for flat top crimping. The crimping wheels move up and down by means of servomotor. Depth is adjustable in 1/100mm increments and can be recorded for future jobs. The machine will stop when the preset crimped wire count is reached, when material runs out or problems; e.g. tangled wire.


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