Wire butt welder with emery wheel - NOW a new and improved generation!

Here is an example of a wire butt welder we market from an impressive line to satisfy a variety of wire diameters and materials. The cart frame is substantial and balanced to avoid tipping over. Also, look at the positioning of the grinding wheel in relation to the point of welding. This has been engineered with the machine operator in mind!

New generation of truss and ladder manufacturing lines

Designed for the production of wall reinforcement, the equipment is now easier to operate with completely automated production and high working speeds. Starting from galvanized drawn wire or stainless steel wire coils, reinforcement elements with variable width can be manufactured. The truss machine integrates innovative shaping and welding technology which permits production and welding of diagonal wire in one operation. The latest generation of wire guides provide even easier adjustments and subsequent high quality product. In addition, the roll advancement unit enables notching of the longitudinal wires. Rolling units can be integrated in order to use "flat profile" as longitudinal wire.

Upper Bar Support Manufacturing Line - NOW more machine operator friendly and productive!

"Quality at impressive production rates with minimal overhang." This is what was shared by a customer who has been working with upper bar equipment from AWM, Udine, Italy. Since 1987, AWM has been developing, designing and manufacturing high-technology machines for the processing of reinforcement steel such as standard and special mesh welding machines, high-speed wire straightening and cutting machines, lattice girder machines, cold rolling lines, automatic mesh cutting and bending machines and special machines for production of tunnel reinforcement. What makes them stand out is their customizing "standard" machines to match the objectives of the customers. Lines are in operation throughou

Compact Duct Winding Machine for Flexible and Rigid Ducts - NOW more productive!

The machine manufactures metal ducts and silencers. Flexible and rigid type. From aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel. Highlights: ► Perfect compressible duct from aluminum. High capacity silencers. ► High-performance stainless steel exhaust duct, certified for all applications. Operation 600°C. ► Smooth inside flexible duct from steel, aluminum. Airtight. Does not gape when bent, cannot be torn up e.g. by chimney sweeping. ► Profiling unit for manufacturing rigid spiral ducts from flat strips 0.20 – 0.40 mm. Attached to machine. For galvanized and stainless steel. A new generation of designs have been introduced. Contact us today. "Made in Germany Quality"

Automatic Snap Tie & Loop Tie Making Machine Direct From A Single Wire Coil - A Design First!

NEW! Existing technology to manufacture snap ties and loop ties is over 30 years old. The Straus-Artys Corporation has just introduced a new design that is already disrupting the industry. No longer do you require an automatic wire straightening and cutting machine to feed the snap tie machine. No longer do you require a significant amount of real estate on the factory floor to accommodate both machines. No longer do you require multiple machine operators. What we now deliver is an all in one design! The machine has a very small footprint and is fed by a single wire coil for all lengths and styles of snap ties and loop ties- A first in the industry! Production rates are impressive for



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